Olive tree
Now is the time for harvest

Blended with hundreds of olive trees, the Park Village will of course yield fruits for us every year. We will harvest our olives together in a fest to be organized every year with our friends residing in the Park Village. We will get some of them crushed to produce olive oil and utilize the remaining olives on our tables. We will not only eat them but sometimes meet in the village square and taste them together.

Park village square
Our meeting point is
the park village square...

The Park Village Square will meet and take us in everyday, constitute a warm environment for our friendly conversations, and be our meeting point, where new friendships sprout and the old ones root even more. All roads will lead to the square in the Park Village.

Architectural design

We think that the Park Village Project will add a new dimension to today’s perception of a villa with its contemporary structural and spatial approach bearing a town however modern identity owing to its design perception blended with the concepts of human, nature, and happiness.

Mert Yanpal
Master Architecture
Life in a single-storey villa

Fully detached villas of optimum sizes with no stairs or elevators, high ceilings, wide gardens, swimming pools, and interior gardens constituted a dream that started in 2007 for us. Our target was the horizontally developing type of residence, which is the most suitable model of settlement for human physiology. We started with this objective and placed the human on the heart of our project. We wanted you to have a house in which you would perceive a different happiness every day you live.

Social Fields
Lake valley

We are in Büyükçekmece Göl Vadisi, in the immediate vicinity of Istanbul, where the villa concept has developed in the most organized manner. The Park Village presents you an enchanting view of the lake and the sea with 144 villas of 7 different types. You will experience the spaciousness of green fields extending on 270,000 sqm in the Park Village, established on an area of 312,000 sqm. A flawless and secure life, where you can find all your needs in close vicinity, is waiting for you. .